The Desk Doctor, Inc., is a pro-audio technical support company. Offering the following range of services for audio facilities and equipment in the recording studio, mobile recording, post-production, film, broadcast and multimedia industries:
Bruce Millett, CEO/President of DeskDoctor since 1992.



• Maintenance
• Design
• Custom wiring and panels
• Interfacing
• Installation
• Modification
• Customization

The company has expanded rapidly from its roots as an on call technical support and service provider. The name "Desk Doctor", stems from our initial specialization, i.e. Mixing Desks, or as they are known, Mixing Consoles. However our expertise also includes all equipment that connects and interfaces to the console, including recording devices, both digital and analog, outboard equipment, effects and monitoring systems.

Between the company's principles, we have a combined experience in excess of 70 years, working with, for and representing various leading industry manufacturers from around the world. We currently work with many major pro-audio manufacturers on their latest and current equipment, and also provide support to many top studios with "vintage" equipment, either no longer in production, or no longer supported by their respective factories.

Our staff also includes recording engineers that have worked in world class studios, on award winning albums and movies.


We are therefore able to share our insight and experience not only with the studio, facility owner and manger, but also the client and audio engineer who will be ultimately using the facility as clients.

Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Desk Doctor location in Burbank CA.
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