A team of SSL trained technicians are available to handle any questions or faults.

We specialize in the following with any SSL console that is currently in services:

• Servicing and maintenance
• Modifying
• Expanding
• Commissioning
• Installing
• Console evaluation & consulting

The Desk Doctor, Inc., has an extensive stock of parts and documentation that can be utilized as necessary. A range of test jigs allows us to work in house, or on site visits can be arranged.

Among the SSL console projects we have undertaken, are:

• Console expansion, adding channels or buckets (in of 4, 8 or 12),
• Console reduction, removing channels or buckets (in of 4, 8 or 12),
• Removing and remoting patchbay, (to reduce size or add channel),
• Moving patchbay from one end of console, to other (for room layout)
Please contact us for further information and pricing.
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