Depending on the requirements, custom wiring and connectorscan be designed and produced to you facilities need and specifications.

Our wiring team has the capability of providing custom hand crafted cabling, for the following requirements:

Control Interface

These cables are made from the highest quality materials available. Each cable is custom measured, tailored to fit and hand prepared to very exact specifications.

We favor the use of "Mogami" cable, but a variety of other brands are available, including Marshall Sound Runner, Gepco, Belden, Monster and Canare. The the highest quality connectors are attached securely.

For Multi-pin cabling requirements we favor DL connectors, which are non-invasive until seated securely. We have on our premisis a pneumatic DL crimper, to ensure the best possible standardof attachment. every cable is then rigorously tested by our quality control department, before being installed and tested again on-site.

The end result is, and quantity, of the highest quality, hand crafted cabling, as used in many major audio facilities in the world, but specific to the job requirements.

Please contact us for further information and pricing.

For more information on our connector panels click here.



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