STOP PRESS # 1 - New Products.
  At the recent AES, 109th Convention, in Los Angeles, The Desk Doctor, Inc., was pleased to announce the release of the following products.

The "Multi-Format Monitor Selector" was mentioned in the February 2000, issue of "Mix Magazine". The first system is due to be installed shortly.

The first two "Q1 Personal Cue Mixer" systems are to be installed at "Chalice Studios" in Hollywood, CA. Pre-wiring and configuration of the Chalice Studios
facility is well underway and installation is anticipated to start in the first few weeks of 2001.

  The Desk Doctor, Inc., is pleased to announce the release of the custom modification of TDD Film Panning to most Solid State Logic, SSL, consoles. The TDD Film Panning Modification offers the ability to pan signals in the 3 most popular film formats, 6.1, 5.1, LCRS, using the standard pan controls, while retaining the original functionality of the standard SSL console. It is intended for the SSL 4000 series, but can be fitted to either the SSL 6000 series or SSL 8000 series.
  The modification adds four master switches, either on the keyboard or on a blank panel, to select pan mode. Click here for cut sheet information about TDD Film Panning.
  If interested in any of our products or services, please contact us so that we can provide any additional information and pricing, or we can mail you our full brochure that lists all products currently available from The Desk Doctor, Inc.
STOP PRESS # 2 - Dealerships.

The Desk Doctor, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a Tascam dealership. Please contact us for further information and pricing.

Other companies that The Desk Doctor, Inc has dealerships for include:-
BGW Amplifiers. Ebtech A Cymation Corp.

Please contact us for further information and pricing.

The Desk Doctor, Inc. has also just finished the wiring installation of is the new studio facility in Hollywood, CA, called "Studio Atlantis", as featured here, on the cover, of August 2000, edition of Audio Media magazine.

Another wiring job that was recently completed, by The Desk Doctor, Inc., is Chris Beck's new post production studio facility in Santa Monica, CA.

Both the Studio Atlantis job and the Chris Beck job, were awarded to The Desk Doctor, Inc., by Tec:ton Engineering LLC, a division of Studio Bau:ton LLC.

STOP PRESS # 4 - Consoles.

The Desk Doctor, Inc. recently finished refurbishing, installing and commissioning two SSL consoles. Both jobs were awarded to The Desk Doctor, Inc., by North America's exclusive factory-authorized supplier of pre-owned SSL consoles, Professional Audio Design, Inc.

The Desk Doctor, acted as agents for PAD and coordinated and carried out the installation work for the end clients:-

The first console an SSL E Series 4040 was installed and commissioned at Madison Media Institute, in Madison, WI.

The second job was for Sunrise Sound Studios, Houston, TX. They have recently taken delivery of an SSL G Series 4072 console.


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